To undergo with me an enterprise. Of honorable-dangerous consequence;. And I do know, by this they stay for me. In Pompey's Porch, For now, this fearful night. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. The Theatre of Pompey was a structure in Ancient Rome built during the latter part of the Roman Republican era: completed in 55 BC. Enclosed by the large.

FYI: Pompey is a guy who used to rule Rome with Caesar (they were . the conspirators starting right now at the old theater, Pompey's Porch. l An allusion to the battle of Pharsalia(where Pompey was persuaded against his "Pompey's porch" was a colonnade outside this theatre and was large. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, commonly known as Pompey /'pɑmpi/, Pompey .. Pompey's porch, theatre, and entry into Rome are portrayed in.

Repair to Pompey's porch, where you shall find us. Is Decius Brutus and Trebonius there? CASSIUS. Don't worry. Good Cinna, take this paper and be sure. No one will be in the theater at night since no one can see.