Duane Chow Portrayed by James Ning Character information Status Deceased Date of death August 6, Gender Male Ethnicity Chinese American Social. Breaking Bad is a show about Walter White's transformation into a villain. Season Three - 27 deaths In "Green Light", Walt hears on the Duane Chow. Duane Chow · Dan Wachsberger · Ron Forenall · Dennis Markowski · Jack McGann · Andrew Holt · Anthony Perez · Isaac Conley · William Moniz · Harris Boivin.

Date of death. August 6, Appearances in Breaking Bad Mike pointing his gun at Chris, with a dead Chow lying on the couch. ("Madrigal"). Add a photo . Jeez Louise, a lot of people have died on this show. Except for every once in a while, when Breaking Bad goes full-on weepy, and suddenly all . Chow Dies in: “Madrigal,” season five, episode two. Heartbreak level: None. "Madrigal" is the second episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Later, Chow invites Mike to his home to discuss their shared problem with the police. Mike correctly suspects that it is a set-up and gets the jump on Chris, one of his former men, who has already killed Chow. Chris explains that.

After Gus's death, Chow starts being questioned by the DEA, as he was on Gus's payroll at the time of Gus's murder. Chow is also. An Exhaustive Rundown Of Every Single Death In "Breaking Bad" .. Chow. Episode: Season 5, Episode 2Cause of death: Shot in the.