4x SSAA looks absolutely amazing and way better than the FXAA or 2x SSAA. however the performance hit is serious. The FXAA. More about anti aliasing fxaa ssaa msaa txaa ambient occlusion . to reconstruct a local part of the scene to obtain a better approximation. SSAA if you don't care about framerate, FXAA if you don't care about sharpness. . Is 2X SSAA better than FXAA? Is it a lot worse than 4X?.

kbhaebw.tk Rise of the Tomb Raider Anti-Aliasing Interactive Comparison. What Is FXAA, And Why Has It Made Anti-Aliasing As We Know It Obsolete? cutouts, and it gives you better texture sampling at high anisotropy too. Of course, there's a reason why people don't use SSAA: it costs a fortune. Another commonly used technique is SMAA, which usually provides better quality than FXAA while getting around, or at least reducing, the blur.

In the driver you can enable MLAA in almost any game, this is like the AMD version of FXAA. Anti-aliases textures. SSAA - SuperSampling. Then theres SMAA which is an improvement on MLAA and fixes the subpixel problem. Still slower than FXAA but better quality. Then theres MSAA which is all . CMAA is positioned between FXAA and SMAA 1x in computation cost Compared to FXAA, CMAA provides significantly better image quality.