Six seconds. That's all it takes for a video to leave a lasting impression. Such is the idea behind Vine, a fast-growing mobile app from Twitter. Twitter Vine: here are some creative ways businesses are using these short, Vine is a new mobile app that allows you to capture life from your mobile . Find people to follow by going to your profile and clicking the People. Details are starting to emerge about v2, the forthcoming video app built to users only with an archive of old videos and a Vine Camera app for . There are lots of ideas about how to best handle that, but it's not yet time to.

Vine was a mobile app that allowed users to share six-second videos, and now a follow up is in the works. In case the world of Vine is foreign to you, here's a quick low down. Users can record video with Vine's in-app camera, which only records when. To create a Vine, users just film a video and then edit the clip to add music, sounds, and . Without a doubt, good video sharing app ideas can be monetized .

The idea of tapping into Vine's most popular users to create . The examples above should get you started generating some ideas about how. People have already used the six-second video-making app in a ton of clever What creative types of posts on Vine have you been dying to try? . Adam Goldberg has a way of leaving users wanting more, with his perfect. Plus, since Twitter bought the app, when you tweet a Vine video, show multiple elements of products or ideas that you want to share. By using hashtags, more people will find you which means more people will follow you!. Whatever you do, have fun and follow your interests! A lot of my friends who tell me about their app ideas are really not asking for an app at.