Bugling Bull`s Dirty Dog Holwer features a wide reed, plastic barrel and the Tone. kbhaebw.tk: Johnny Stewart CYC-1 Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call: Coyote Calls And Lures: Sports & Outdoors. The Hot Dog™ is Randy Anderson's loud howler for locating coyotes. Removable mouthpiece creates distress calls of birds.

The Song Dog was designed with the best features and use characteristics of all Crit'R Call models, to make coyote vocalizations. The Song Dog makes great. Coyote Dog Howler. Makes all coyote vocalizations, including yelps, howls, whines, and barks. Also produces distress squalls to call coyotes, mountain lion, . Open reed coyote howler, closed coyote howler, and diaphragm style howlers make Carver Predator Calls Big Dog Cocobolo Wood Coyote Howler CAR

The Song Dog Coyote Howler by Johnny Stewart produces ALL vocalizations necessary to call coyotes. It is extremely versatile with a lengthened mouthpiece .