I'm just getting into using loop runners and slings and wow what a difference it makes on a job. or whoopie slings with a block when lowering large wood onto itself. . Old School tree guy & still climbing, just slower & safer. This old-fashioned choker sling can be adjusted from short to long in just seconds and is most often used by riggers to anchor a block or friction device to a tree. Whoopie Slings are made from strand polyester Tenex rope & designed for knotless rigging. One eye is fixed and the other is adjustable, with one end of the .

Adjustable Whoopie and Loopie slings can be shortened or extended with their unique construction, so that The best-built arborist crane slings on the market. Buckingham's strong and reliable whoopie sling can be adjusted from 3' to 6' in just seconds and is made of tenex rope. The whoopie sling boasts a 2, lb. Your specialist supplier of equipment, training and consultation for harness based The Whoopie(TM) sling is an adjustable hollow rope lifting and rigging sling.

5/8 WHOOPIE SLING-Whoopie slings feature an adjustable eye and a stationary eye that allow for an exact fit around the base of the tree or rigging point while. It's easy to make a first class loopie or whoopie with 5/8" Tenex. Anyone have any good reasons why you don't see this type of sling more.