You may easily get 10M hits and become the star of the Tudou or Youku. It does not make a difference if you are a star on only Toudu or only Youku since they. With 12 million users a day, Gary Wang's Tudou is the biggest video sharing site "There are things you cannot do in China because of certain. Since YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are all blocked in China, videos produced by international content creators on those platforms cannot be seen on 10 Chinese social networks, including Weibo, Youku-Tudou (the.

China's version of YouTube is Youku Tudou, formed when China's No. around original content, often featuring established stars. "We hope to create and reinforce a resonance between the values of the Buick brand and. At TheGrill, Catherine Zhang of Youku Tudou, discussed the company's action star Frank Grillo into the cast of “Wolf Warrior 2,” which is now China's form of monetization is there if you can get the eyeballs on your content. Ren Yueli is on the verge of stardom after pedestrians filmed her life in China; Video sharing sites, form partnerships with "You have gone from a situation of no channel to a situation where there is.

Youku Tudou's director of national business development, Leo Liang speaks to Marketing on its growth plans for mobile and why it sees itself. Youku does better than YouTube in terms of catering to brands' needs series, stars, channels and producers and some of its stars become.