Wall scrolls can add drama to your home or office decor. A scroll’s hang cord at the top can attach to a J-hook mounted on the wall. A hardware store or frame supply store usually carries the J-hook or a similar hook. I tried using those stick on hangers but it kept falling off of the wall. Any suggestions? I'd rather not use anything that would damage the wall. However, unlike wall scrolls I've bought before, it's just the cloth - no hanging implements of any kind. I've also got another wall scroll I've had.

As it isn't exactly wall scroll it doesn't have any plastic pipe or sth with string on (I have plasterboard walls and the one I want to hang this cloth on is sloping. The only things you need to put a pair of nails on th walls, then just hang the scroll using those nails. Edi: Mine didn't have those strings either. Creating your own wall scrolls gives you a customized way to decorate a space. Cut a piece of paper or fabric to the specific length you desire in your wall scrolls. Use thick paper for Hammer a nail into the wall and hang the scroll in place.

While other fandoms hang posters, we have our pick of oversized fabric hangings , which leave fewer marks on the wall and can be rolled into. kbhaebw.tk: PVC Hooks Home Decor Wall Poster Scroll Hooks 10 piece (2 cm Frame DIY Poster Scroll Artwork Print Holder Canvas Quilt Wooden Hanging.