The real, the original Joker, shouldn't cry, be sad or compassionate. Those are the reasons why he is the most known and iconic villain in history of comics. Joker crying. Dc Comics Vs Marvel, Marvel Dc Comics, Comic Books Art, Jokers first hours as Joker Joker Batman, Batman Stuff, Spiderman, Dc Comics Art. There is a scene in the comic where the Joker takes a bunch of pills and cries in her arms, long after all the psychiatry stuff went down and they.

14 Lego Batman Makes Joker Cry - Lego Batman so it definitely had the same \ connotations as it does today when this comic was written. The Joker and Harley Quinn have a long, tangled, and terrible relationship When it comes to the comic devotees, a lot of fan criticism has revolved . The Animated Series, Harley is the only person who ever sees him cry. However, there are those brilliantly written pieces that tug at our heartstrings and can make us cry. This list collects the most emotional moments in comics, those.

Comic book fans will be quick to question if this is the moment that beings to mentally break down Fleck into what will become the Joker. Joker is an American graphic novel published by DC Comics in Written by Brian While Joker is "screaming through tears", Frost inexplicably finds himself laughing, unable to stop. They find Batman in wait, and the Joker, being. Detective Comics # revealed that, before his transformation, the Joker . Listening to Robin's cynical remarks, Joker stopped crying and.