Use sky overlays to create beautiful skies in your images. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use your own sky image to create the finished product. Skies complement landscapes in photos and are often a missing element, they give so much character and can add balance. Learn how to apply sky overlays in . Blending Sky Overlays in Photoshop - Pretty Actions Tutorial Add a Layer Mask to your sky overlay, and use a brush with a soft edge to erase.

Learn how EASY it is to apply cloud and sky overlays in Photoshop using On top of the Sky Replace actions and easy to apply add-ons there. change background sky on picture cloud overlay. Tip #1 Choose Subscribe to our blog and get more free sky overlays and photoshop actions to practice with. Learn how to quickly and easily add a sky overlay to your photos in Photoshop / CC. Learn more at:

A sky overlay is an image file of a sky that you can insert and seamlessly blend into your photo using Photoshop. Sky Overlays are image files and .